Wednesday 27 May 2009

blowing a hooly

Blimey! The website is up and running and good ol' Shep has been sleeping on the job...... lambing has just drawn to a close you know, we're all allowed a nap every now and again!

Well an awful lot has happened since the tup sale, tups went out, came in, winter came and went, lambs were born, summer is heading our way - far too much to fill you all in with at the moment.

Sheps main problem at the mo' is wind - not the flatulence type, no, definitely not gastric problems, its that unseen wind, you can hear and feel it - just can't see it.
Strong cold winds seem to have been the norm now for too many weeks, admittedly we've had some hot sunshine, however, it has often been masked by the wind.

lambs easily get mis mothered as the ewes can't hear them bleating. Sheep find an excuse to take ill or die, wonderful disorders such as staggers, mastitis, pneumonia - give the woolly critters an excuse and they'll find something to ail with cold winds blowing on their backs. Dogs can't hear you either, although there is no doubt about it Collie dogs definitely have selective hearing and strong winds are most probably just a grand excuse to do as they fancy.

Then of course there is those of us who have to go out in the wind, which is warming if on foot and nithering if on the quad, gets really wearisome battling against it and once inside in the warm and shelter makes you feel awfully sleepy...... on that note I'm off to bed, who knows? the wind may have died down by morning.