Thursday 9 July 2009

Blimey! Climate Change!

Last week the sweat was dripping off everywhere, this week it's been the rain. Wellies and leggings - a shock to the system I'll say. Okay the truth is I've been in the Rede valley for a few days, I'm told the North Tyne missed out on the thunder, lightening, cloudbursts, hailstones, flash flooding, oh yes, they apparently had sunshine, but me? 10 miles max from home and I got wet - very wet! made worse by the fact I was wearing my summer leggings, they're the ones with holes in, quite a big one on the knee, caused by a ewes horn, fortunately she left the skin on my leg but managed an impressive two sided tear in the leggings, right on the bend of the knee.

So why not buy a fresh pair of leggings I hear you ask? Well d'y know, I believe in getting my moneys worth out of them. I do have a good pair, the ones I got for lambing time, I'm saving them for the winter when it's supposed to be wet. The more holey than godly ones are useful for keeping clean when doing those dirty jobs that are a regular when working with sheep, unfortunately they ain't too good at keeping me dry - minor problem, its summer you know!

It is summer - honest! Have to say I did wonder this morning, I was off gathering away out - bye, not terribly early either and bye 'eck if felt autumnal, gloves would have gone down well on the quad this morning I can tell you, talk about gathering in the cool of the day, we must have been a good ten degrees cooler than last week, I really had to pinch myself and remind me it is July. Isn't it? Made shearing a more bearable pastime today however so there was a plus side! Oh! also the radio is up ad running again - amazing what a screwdriver and a coat hanger can do, senility has returned to the shearing shed, I no longer have to while away the hours thinking, can just listen instead!