Thursday 25 November 2010

Wintry outlook

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The view last night upon darkening, it was only just after 4pm but the day was near enough over. It had flightered on with snow throughout the day but never been sufficient to lie, here we were upon darkening and it was still persevering, the white stuff just wanted to fall from the sky. The forecast wasn't too promising with wintry showers making the headlines. The lights went out on the day and Shep waited to see what morning would bring.
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Morning revealed the showers we had had during the night which were still persisting. Identical place for a photo as last night, however a panoramic scenic shot would have been a waste, visibility was so poor due to the heavy snow which was falling - not what you really want to wake up to!
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Kale bounded out of his kennel and ground to a halt, a quizzical look overcame him before excitement overtook him. Wow! This was different.... he took mouthfuls of the white stuff and tasted it, then threw it around, then rolled in it. Kids must be kids and this little fella was well chuffed with the new toy which had come to visit. Think he was the only one to be chuffed to see the white stuff.
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Doesn't look like these two blackie ewes are skipping around with joy, fortunately they are well insulated with their thick woolly coats. Although that is one good thing with the snow falling the temperature feels warmer than it has done for a day or two, some small conciliation.
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It seemed like a monochrome world we were living in today, very limited sunshine, albeit there was some, before further heavy snow showers obliterated the sun from the sky.
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Once again upon darkening the sun did attempt to grace our skies and then the frost kicked in, access to the kennels was made difficult due to the fact that snow covered bolts had frozen, it will be a hard night by the feel of things.

25th November seems early for the snow to arrive, not unheard of by any means but unfortunately the weather forecasters are not being terribly optimistic and it appears as though we may have this for a week or two yet. Roads have caught many out in Tarset, travelling has not been too good and will undoubtedly be worse in the morning if this hard frost persists. Stock are alright for the time being as the snow isn't too deep and hasn't blown. Many farmers and shepherds have a heavy feeling in their hearts mixed with an optimism that this will not be the beginning of an onslaught, just a blip. It was the 16th December last year when the first snow fell and it stayed for months, lets hope that wont be the case this year.


Emma Anderson said...

It's funny how snow always looks great in pictures, but isn't so in reality or when having to work in it. I went to Bellingham yesterday and the Hareshaw road was awful.

Tarset Shepherd said...

The Hareshaw road was pretty lousy this morning too Emma when I headed into the Rede to gather sheep, I even went the long way round via Bellingham to miss the Sandysyke road out. There's far more snow over there mind. It is breathtakingly beautiful but really the best place for snow is in pictures, it just makes life difficult!