Wednesday 1 February 2012

January 2012 - been and gone

Blimey! We're into February, the shortest month of the year, where did January go?
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Frost. Yup we had some of that in January.
The month started off wet and windy although we were fortunate enough to have one or two frosty days which saved the clarts being dragged around on the wellies.
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Ground which was quite literally dripping wet soon transformed
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to a solid mass, unfortunately it equally as soon transformed back again.
I think I would almost sum the month up as wet and icy if that makes any sort of sense.
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There was a great deal of beauty during the transformations
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Much to marvel at

Tups were brought off ewes. Sheep found themselves dosed for fluke, some were coppered, others treat for lice, the dogs were kept busy. The scanning season commenced - goodness! that time of the year again, won't be long 'til it's lambing time at this rate!

Shep did manage an odd day off, finally getting shot of nasty cold which had been lousy company, it was important to try and catch up with family and friends. Visiting an uncle (and godfather) who no longer knows me, but still good to see him all the same. There was a long list of many to visit upon, some still to be ticked off but I will get there before lambing is upon us. I also took a trip down into the lake district to get a car, yup! another car!! For a short while I was the not so proud owner of three motors, I am slowly whittling them down at the time of writing.

January has been a busy month in many ways. It is also my financial year end which means some knuckling down as the annual book work needs doing - urgh! There are still jobs awaiting being done, some stone walling for instance, a wee bit of fencing and of course that dreaded paperwork, it already feels like the year is marching on....... Where does the time go?


Lily said...

just found your lovely blog :) i like-y what i see!

ankle wellies

Tarset Shepherd said...

Hi Lily, Thank you for your kind words.