Friday 9 March 2012

Still alive!

It would appear some are missing the musings of Shep. Well I ain't snuffed it, not been on holiday either, nowt exciting other than I've been busy. So this is just a quick posting to allay any fears that I may have gone AWOL (or worse).

The saying goes "no peace for the wicked" and believe you me, I have often asked my mother why I was born wicked!

Having just downloaded pictures off the camera which seem to go back a week or two I can see that I have been busy - taking photos if nowt else!

Much has happened, but most importantly the days are pulling out, it is light by 6.30am and up to 6.30pm. I awaken to the call of the curlew these mornings, a grand sound which marks the beginnings of springtime. The peewits (lapwings) are gracing us with their company and the skylarks have been going ballistic for weeks now, they are such a cheer to hear out on the hill.
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Believe it or not but the snowdrops are now well past their best, crocuses are passing over too with the daffodils budding up well and soon to show their spring cheer.
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Puddles and wet holes have been filling rapidly and not due to rain water either, in fact the ground is still drying. A fairly dry spell has been the order of the day for some time now, windy and colder weather of late is speeding up the drying process, mind you, there is still much drying to go...............
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yup! The frogs have been busy, in their usual place and at the usual time, there were some days the water was absolutely boiling with their activity, I passed them one day and had never seen so many frogs legs sticking out of the water at once, some sort of wild froggy orgy no doubt, unfortunately time did not allow me to stop and snap the sight for you all, it is however stored in my mind and still gives me cause to smile!

Scannings are finally over for another year, horn burning, pre lambing innoculating, dosing, hopefully some stone walling are all on the agenda for the following three weeks before I head off lambing. I just can't wait to get away into those borders, see them cheviots again and have 6 weeks of peace and quiet, the way the time has been flying lately it won't be long before my wish is granted.


Dafad said...

Ha ... I've seen Texels today ... not quite my favourite Welsh Mountain, Balwen or Badger face but at least sheep not arable mile on mile! Muntjack deer (a pest round here) barking as I digit this.
Lovely early springing photo's Shep!

Tarset Shepherd said...

Well! you'll be a happy bunny if you've seen sheepy things down there in them flat lands. Saw my first lambs today - seems surreal when the last days scanning was on Monday but there you go!