Saturday 9 June 2012

warts an' all

Shep has been having quite a nature feast over recent weeks, first bats then warty things - Toads.

It's hard to believe that I've never been able to study toads spawning before now. Has to be said I was taken aback to find them doing it on 23rd May, I'd presumed they would spawn at the same time as frogs which would be earlier in the season, or mebbes they just thought they'd better have another go - I don't really know but I did appreciate the opportunity to spy on them.
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Has to be said they seemed very big, but apparently the females are, or so I was told by a knowledgeable friend who had pointed me in the right direction, that being her garden pond.
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Fortunately the water was clear enabling this shot of Mrs Toad and her strings of spawn under the surface.
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They have an almost prehistoric look about them when viewed close up, the sort of creature which you wouldn't immediately class as being beautiful; fascinating may be a kind way to describe Mrs Toad.

They seemed quite chilled and unconcerned that a camera was being poked in their face, has to be said though that the Koi Carp living in the pond seemed to be swimming around with a smile on their faces......