Thursday 25 June 2009


Shep's been lying in the bath perusing........ now that could be all manner of things; the state of the economy, the price of prime lambs, the future of livestock markets, will the carrots get the root fly this year?

No none of that.

It's the bruises - yep! been clipping hoggs! Imagination is a wonderful thing, I'm quite sure that along with a butterfly (a purpley green creature of type unknown)there is also a complete map of the british isles covering my thighs. On my shin there is definitely a Galloways head, quite black and anvil shaped - what else could it be? and the yellowness on my ankle? (I remember that one well, don't really know how she managed to stab me there) Could be a buttercup but barely bright enough in colour. The left knee is self inflicted, with outside help, that's where I got myself with the machine - just a little pin prick really but bruising up nicely all the same.

The fore arm is interesting; two small bruises side by side with a long scratch below (inflicted by a flying back foot) could be a face I guess - two eyes and a mouth............. the water was cooling down rapidly and imagination was fading.

Feeling refreshed and clean with aches and pains soothed I happed everything up again, it's no wonder we never really see farmers and shepherds in shorts in this neck of the woods, unless of course it's on the rugby field.