Wednesday 3 June 2009

Tropical Tarset

One minute it was blowing a hooley, the next we are getting frizzled to a frazzle. A welcome change in the weather I must say, will it stop all those farmers from wingeing? For the time being yes, other than those poor souls (like myself) who struggle with very hot conditions. However, long term it could pose real problems, natural watercourses could dry up meaning water would need transporting to the livestock, also this is the growing season; for the meantime there is sufficient moisture in the ground but rain is needed to get the hay fields growing ready for the crop to be harvested in a months time.

The hill ground around here takes very little hurt in dry conditions, Tarset is renowned for being a wet boggy hole and the well covered hill ground flourishes in warm dry weather, it's the enclosed ground which can be heavier stocked which may suffer eventually.

A pleasant change though to be browned with the sun, not rusted with the rain and there is no doubt about it - the rain will return.