Sunday 13 September 2009

That sinking feeling returned

I mentioned my new ploy of getting quad bike across wet boggy bits without sinking in the last blog. I was so proud of myself to have sussed that plenty of throttle gave the momentum to cross the uncrossable - my confidence was boosted.

It was short lived.......... Yep! Done it again - Sunk!

Now the spot in question really was a peaty hole, there were two of us heading out to gather and the bike in front had negotiated the obstacle with absolutely no problem, not wishing to appear a wimp and full of confidence from my previous experiences I hit the throttle.......... and...........well................ the front wheels got over.......... unfortunately the back wheels sank to the axle. S**t! Done it again!

I mentioned this bike was heavier, oh yes, no doubt, it is definitely heavier.

It seemed possible that the bike would grip to reverse out of the predicament, however, logic told me that would result in either all four wheels sunk to the axle or at least the front wheels sunk which really meant I'd be no further forward. Attempts at pushing the sodding thing forwards definitely got a sweat on and peaty water lapping over the wellie tops.

I gave in, walked to the hill top and gave a cheery wave - it worked! The other bike returned and problem sorted in no time. I think I need to accept that I am to retain my reputation for being able to find a boggy hole and sink into it!!!

So how did the other bike notice my predicament, well obviously my reputation goes before me but also when you're gathering, especially big areas such as we were on, you not only keep an eye on the sheep and dogs but also the other person gathering too. We both go to different bits of the hill to set the sheep away in and arrive at the same point (hopefully), but some of my sheep may head in the direction of the other bike and vice versa, neither of you wants to get ahead of the other as that would be a hindrance and may well cause sheep to head in the wrong direction, or you may miss sheep coming in behind you and also accidents can happen, you look out for each other. Thankfully my absence had been noted and my predicament was rectified - with a lot of leg pulling in the bargain!