Monday 18 October 2010

Glen's adventure

Tailing ewes was the job in hand, 'tis that time of year y'know. Kale was as usual tethered and watching the proceedings with fascination alongside a burning desire to join in. The other two, Glen and Moss, were in the big holding pen lying patiently with bated breath waiting until the pen I was working in required filling, whence upon they would spring to life and get the sheep moving, to the point it was whiles difficult to get the pen gate shut thanks to their enthusiasm and shouts of frustration to 'get back' often passed my lips.

I was concentrating on the job in hand, fighting with ewes tails. They don't take too kindly to having a brazilian with out permission being granted and the final pen the dogs had filled was barely full enough but with no sheep left I had to battle on and chase the blighters around to the best of my abilities.

On finishing this last, immensely awkward, pen of sheep I lifted my head and straightened my back to see the farmers wife walking up the lonnen (track) towards me with Glen at her heels. A quick head count made me realise the only dog still remaining was infact Kale, due to the fact he was tethered he had been unable to go walk abouts. A whistle soon had Moss trotting up the lonnen from the direction the farmers wife had come from. Relief.

Both dogs do like to nosey around, cock their legs and generally let their presence be known. Glen has a penchant for anything edible (should I drop down dead I doubt there'll be any need to dispose of my remains). He has a knack of finding a dead something, or mebbes the food left out for farm cats, or some sheep cake left over in a trough - you name it, he'll find it!

I should have known better, concentrating on getting the job in hand finished I had overlooked the fact that the dogs would realise that, for the moment at least, their task was over and they could sidle off. No great hardship in many respects but when working fairly close to a busy main road it was a serious oversight on my behalf.

Glen had in fact caused a bit of a stir by all accounts. The farmers wife had been working in the holiday cottage and happened to notice the traffic on the road outside had stopped and there was a police car in 'attendance'.

Apparently the kindly policeman had asked Glen where he belonged but didn't receive a reply! When the farmers wife got there Glen was quite happily sitting at the policemans feet, having weaved his way through the traffic prior to that.....

Now Glen will befriend anyone, although it does show how wise he is that at least on this occasion it was a policeman. A kindly word and a pat on the head and the daft soul is won over, there really is no loyalty with this dog, anyone will do! I could imagine him as the traffic slowed he would probably mosey along to the car to see if they were going to talk kindly to him and give him some attention, he may well have caused a great deal of mayhem. Thankfully for me the motorists had had the presence of mind not to run him over and fortunately a police vehicle just happened to be passing to take control of the proceedings.

As for Glen? He thought nothing untoward had happened, time I'd battled with that last penful of sheep he'd had a great time and didn't take too kindly to being barred up for his own safety, I'm sure he was thinking that nice policeman was far kinder than myself!