Monday 11 October 2010

Hexham Blackfaced Tup Sale, 11th October 2010

An appointment was made in May.
"You need a filing" said the dental receptionist.
"when would be convenient?"
"11th October" was my reply. This was met with raised eyebrows, but hey! the tooth was no bother and I knew I'd be in Hexham on the 11th October coz it's the tup sale day, 'tis always on the second monday of the month. Daresay I could have made an appointment sooner but what was to say it wouldn't be a good day and I'd need to get on with something to earn money to pay for the darned filling??

So. The first appointment of the morning was mine, followed by the tup sale. I missed the judging and the beginning of the sale, I couldn't speak, eat or drink for hours then took toothache and had to find some kindly farmers wife with a hand bag to seek out pain killers - but I survived!!! (never have liked the dentist!)

I actually wasn't quite on parr on the day (very sad I know!!) but did manage a wander around the pens and a bit crack around the ringside. There were some good sheep on offer. Scotch blood was apparent in some of them there is no doubt but there were still plenty of the traditional Hexham type on show too. The trade was selective to say the least but I'm sure the sales report will read well.
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The champion of the day went to Ian Davidson of Bennetsfield, seen above receiving his silver ware
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The tup lamb which was sold towards the end of the sale realised £2,000. The top price of the day being £10,000 for a shearling off Robert Raine, Townfoot.
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This shearling off Carrick realised £7,000, it was one of the first prize group of three which saw Caroline Hunter of Carrick being presented with the Willie Armstrong Memorial Shield, given in memory of her late father, it must have been a very proud moment for her.
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Selby Robson of Yatesfield sold the above sheep for £5,000.

All in all the day came and went. I did have quite a long crack with a retired shepherd off the scotch side, a noted blackfaced man in his hey day with an amazing knowledge of sheep, a man who broke all records for blackfaced tup prices way back in the '50's (long before shep's time!)and a man who said he could see a huge improvement in the Hexham tups. There are those who would disagree - staunch loyalists to the traditional type. However, it is all a matter of horses for courses, there was plenty variety and choice so there should have been something to suit everyone.