Saturday 26 February 2011

D'y want a laugh?

There was a little bit of a 'do' held recently, an opportunity to see a local artists 'work in progress', invitations were sent out to all and sundry with those who could attending.

Now Shep trundled along in the customary wellies and leggin's, it was a kinda outdoorish studio you appreciate and I had been kinda working and just trotted along on the way home. I knew the artist wouldn't mind and most of the folks there would know me well enough not to be offended.

It was an interesting hour or two, much to take your interest and many to have a crack with, there was also mulled wine, homemade biscuits and buns (modernly known as cup cakes). Have to say I quite enjoyed myself.

The other half unfortunately was unable to attend, probably more conscientious than myself he was working (I had been - honest!). However, the hostess kindly offered a goodie bag for him, some biscuits and buns were wrapped in tin foil and off I went, heading home with 'offerings'.

I remembered I had to call in with a message for a neighbour as I passed their house and duly shared a cup of tea with them and a bit more crack - I was having a grand time, the dogs however were probably not too impressed at being stuck in the car and missing out on the socialising, although they ought to have been tired and enjoying a bit of a rest.

The following is a version of the e-mail I sent later that night to the hostess, hope it raises a smile!

"Err, umm............

I got home, after quickly calling in to see my neighbour, and thought it best to drag out the suspense for the other half.

I told him to close his eyes and hold his hands out whilst I explained how kind you had been and that you had sent him something as he had been unable to attend your thingy this afternoon.

He opened his eyes and stared in wonderment at the tin foil lying in his hands, I could see the excitement building as he moved the tin foil around between his fingers, however, his imagination was lacking and his face soon took on a quizzical look.

"what's this?" he asked
"a gift from the artist" I replied
"Bits of tin foil?"
"Well, yes.......... well no, not really. Y'see there were these nice biscuits with pink icing and then there were the buns, which also had icing and chocolate stars on them, all wrapped up in tin foil, except they're not there anymore. But you have got the tin foil!!"

I then made the mistake of adding how tasty they had been and how kind it had been of the artist to think of him.


"No, NO............ it wasn't me........"

Oh dear! very sorry, it was a bit late on dawning on me when I was in drinking tea that my young dog may well have helped himself to the other halves goodies - I wasn't to be disappointed as I found shards of tin foil all over the front of the car but not a scrap of anything tasty left.................

On Monday I had been working in Cumbria, I always get sent home with sausage and cheese for the other half (it's a long story), anyhow, I called to see my 'mother-in-law' on the way home and never thought about the sausage and cheese on the front seat of the car, happed up with coats and things I may add.

Y'see my two older dogs will not take anything from the car, or anywhere else. I can trust them not to thieve and take it for granted, however, the young fella obviously doesn't know this particular rule because on returning to the car I had tiny fragments of sausage and cheese wrappings all over the drivers seat and no signs of the sausage or cheese......................

It has been a bad week, no sausage, no cheese, no biscuits, no cake......... and a car full of shredded wrappings!

The other half did very much appreciate your kind thought though......... thank you very much from Kale"