Monday 7 February 2011

Ornate horns?

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How peculiar! A sheep with wool hanging off it's horns. Let's have a closer look....
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She really does look quite comical. 'S'pose sheep with horns are bound to get wool tangled up on them, when they run past the other sheep it'll naturally happen - won't it?

Well won't it?

I'm going to leave you all to ponder on this one, the next posting will reveal the answer, in the meantime, don't laugh at the poor ewe too much, she might just get a complex about herself!!


Unknown said...

Happy New Year to you too Cus!

Poor girl! Having her picture posted around the world! But....she does bring a smile to ones face. Maybe I could meet her when I come for a vist in the spring....
Saw some big horn sheep in the Rockies not to long ago. They posed a fair while to have photos taken. I am sitting in a cafe right now looking out at the Rockies and wondering how the poor animals are handing all the snow. Makes it hard to get feed. Temps reached -30C last night. The grizzlies are the smart ones. They just hibernate!!!!!!!
Cheers from Canada

Bye from Canada

Tarset Shepherd said...

Hey cus! you visiting in the spring then? Cool!
Not as cold as -30 tho', y'can keep that sort of temperature, have had enough of very hard frosts, but then your country is geared up for such things, we don't seem to be.
I was contemplating turning into a grizzly, sleeping all winter.... umm! But then you'd miss the nights pulling out and the snowdrops showing face - can't quite decide whether I could do the grizzly thing or not, sounds tempting tho'.
Anyhow, to the spring (hopefully) it is just around the corner now, be here before we know it.
Pleased to hear the ewe brought a smile.

Byee from damp Northumberland