Thursday 28 July 2011

Falstone Show is looming

Shep got on thinking (dangerous.....) I honestly didn't realise we were so close to the month of August and was somewhat taken aback to find the month was rapidly approaching. Whilst clipping away yesterday it dawned on me that entries for Falstone Show were due by the 1st August which had to be getting close. It then dawned on me that our household still had not received a schedule of the classes.

I've managed to pick up a schedule from a committee member of the show and our usual veg, dog and baking entries will be entered (whether they get to the show or not will be a different matter) Anyone can enter these classes, there are classes for sheep, dogs, walking sticks, baking, booze, photographs, flowers, veg, children's classes suitable for various ages - you name it, there'll probably be a class for it.

These little shows are dependant on people supporting them, entering items in the various classes and giving the judges something to do in return for their free lunch tickets. Unfortunate then that this year there seems to be a shortage of schedules floating around for people to pick up. Although I have been informed that schedules and entry forms are available on line at although this appears to be for last years classes they don't vary too much from year to year so hopefully it is still possible to enter this way.

I was also gob smacked to hear when collecting my schedule that there had been a report in a local newspaper regarding signage for these small local shows. It is common practice for all our shows to advertise their up coming dates to all of those driving our country roads. As previously said these small shows desperately need support, either from people entering classes or people turning out on the day. Roadside signage catch passing motorists and tourists who are in the area and therefore help swell the gate numbers. It is a cheap day out for families compared to the high costs of attending a large commercial show, a fun and sociable day also.

I couldn't help but do some googling as I hadn't seen the actual newspaper article myself and so wished to read it and be in possession of the facts before sounding off on the matter. The following link will take you to one article I found on the subject I have to say that the ludicrousy of our government never fails to astound me. These signs have gone up for years, for a couple of weeks previous to the show date to ensure all are aware that the date is looming and now British bureaucracy seems to dictate that our little country shows are a health and safety issue to motorists - has the world gone mad? Maybe it ought to be suggested that motorists take a driving test especially for country roads as there are far greater hazards facing them than an odd sign here or there.


Sandra said...

looking forward to coming to the Falstone show, always agreat day out. Hopefully the weather will be kind to us. Sandra, Bill Quay

Tarset Shepherd said...

I think everyone has their fingers crossed that Saturday will dawn bright and dry and remain so throughout the day, regardless it will be a great day and I hope you will enjoy it.