Tuesday 5 July 2011

Good haircuts and bad ones!

I used to shear for a farmer for many years (unfortunately he is now dead)and every year when the last sheep went out of the shed naked and the job was finished for another year I would ask him if he was happy with the job. There were quite a number of sheep to be shorn so I would take another shearer along with me and I felt it only manners to enquire if he was happy with the job done.

Every year the answer I received was the same "Aye, there's only a week between a good haircut and a bad un" Guess that meant the job wasn't too bad......... I have to say there was one exception to the rule when it was requested the other shearer didn't return the following year and totally understandable as far too many sheep had been cut.

So, there's only a week between a good haircut and a bad one - that's good to know, especially as I used to get the other half to cut my hair!
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I'm not too sure that the above blackfaced ewe would agree with the week thing, she seems to 'stand out in a crowd'

Again many years ago, when young and fit but a very novice shearer this was not an unusual sight as a wriggle or kick saw the sheep escape my clutches and disapear across the yard dragging a fleece behind her with me in hot pursuit, red with embarrasement and rage.

On this occasion I will admit to having let the sheep go, on purpose, and no, not just so I could get a silly picture either!

There was an accident in the shearing shed. Unfortunately the wool packing crate toppled over and worse it involved children. Now it is no secret that Shep doesn't have a great love for children but I also don't like to see anyone hurt.

I was clipping away, heard the commotion and upon looking up from the job in hand made the instant decision to release the sheep and run to assist. Fright,shock and one or two bruises were the only harm caused although it looked a lot worse at the time.

Sobbing and tears ensued until finally the child looked across the yard, saw the sheep, laughed through tears and said "you haven't finished that one and she looks silly, did it get away from you?" the final bit of the sentence seemed to cause greater hilarity, the thought of a sheep escaping my clutches! Humph!!

I often say I was just put on this planet to make people laugh so I'll not take too much offense at the suggestion, at least it took the childs mind off a scarey accident!