Monday, 21 January 2013

Snow warning

We had an yellow snow warning, then we were upgraded to an amber snow warning, I always thought snow was white - ah ha!  I now know what the forecasters were on about........................
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Amber snow! or is it yellow? pretty rare stuff I doubt coz most places you look it has a whiteish hue about it.

Aye! It snowed, quite a change from Thursday
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Thursday saw the covering of snow we'd had melting away nicely, okay, this isn't exactly a picture of snow, the hard frosts we'd experienced made the stuff run off roofs and duly freeze, now the freezing was dripping (yes you're right, it took me ages to catch that drip in mid air, must have nowt better to do!) 

So, that was Thursday. Friday saw hay being frantically laid out for sheep, Friday afternoon saw sheep being hounded in to lower ground, where the hay was laid out for them, ready for the onslaught, and it came, right on cue, this was the yellow snow we'd been warned about. It wasn't until today, Monday, that the amber stuff appeared, again right on cue. The weekend had seen as much feed put out for sheep as possible before the onslaught of wind and snow hit them and had them blocked out from the comfort of feed and security.

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This picture may not exactly show signs of comfort and security but at least if they should get happed with snow in these driving winds I'll know where to find them.
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As for old Glen, so long as his lugs are sticking up I'll be able to find him an' all!
Thought you'd all enjoy this link, showing the highs of farming, a cheery compilation


Sheep Farm adventures of a Shepherdess said...

Thank you enjoyed your blog and looking forward in reading more from you. Since I am new to your blog and am for now reading your past post. That is how I found you when I was googling about a lambing problem I was having myself. Hope things warm up for you soon.

Tarset Shepherd said...

Thank you for those kind words. Fingers crossed the weather is looking up, the closer we get to spring the less likely snow will lie for ever should it return, at the moment everywhere is green other than a few pockets of deep snow left over from the last onslaught which seems nothing more than a distant memory.

Unknown said...

Nice compilation. Old Glen must have loved the snow so much he buried half of himself :)

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