Saturday 22 August 2009

Falstone Show - what a day!

After a week of horrendously wetting showers Falstone Show morning dawned dry and bright and continued along the same vein all day. Such a bonus to not only have a day off but great weather thrown in for good measure, everyone who turned out seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves. The ground even managed to dry up allowing boots to be worn, show goers were so fortunate (for the second year running) to be able to experience such a pleasant day.

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There was an excellent turnout of sheep, the industrial tent was heaving, dog and hound classes were well supported, children's sports fiercely contested.......... as usual Falstone show was a huge success.Only drawback being it flew by and I'm sure I missed half of it. Well done and thank you to the committee and many helpers.


Kate and The Irishman said...

Sounds brilliant - very sad we were not there to join in!

Was there a prize for the sheep dog with the bluest eye? (And why is it that the best sheep dogs have one brown eye and one blue eye? Do tell us Shep.

Kate and The Irishman said...

PS The Irishman wants to know, having seen the photograph, if you missed a sheep and sheared The Farmer instead?!

Tarset Shepherd said...

Was the farmers hair cut really that bad?

I can see I now have a blog to write about sheepdogs with blue eyes(wall eyes)- no peace for Shep!

My two would be greatly offended if they thought the best dogs have to have a blue eye and a brown eye!

I'll cover it some day, you can wait with bated breath!!