Monday 24 August 2009

Time passes by

I've noticed the rowan (mountain ash) berries have been ripened for a while now. The swallows seem very scarce, we had a depleted supply of them this summer anyhow but now there are only a few hardy souls remaining. The bilberries are ripe. The heather is in bloom. The mornings are colder causing heavier dews. Rose hips of the dog rose are ripening. Brambles are ripe (didn't they used to ripen in October?). The haw berries are ripening. The year must be rolling on.

Is it Autumn? Where did the summer go? It seems to hit me like a ton of bricks every year, the spring flies by when busy lambing and summer arrives. Before I know it I've missed summer too and Autumn is here.

I know I spend most of the summer bending over looking at my feet whilst clipping sheep but I find it hard to comprehend that I still manage to miss it.

I do believe that maybe I haven't missed it all, it just never really happened. Last summer was undoubtedly atrocious, this summer has been marginally better but mebbes not better enough for me to be able to fully appreciate it. That must be the answer.

The nights have been cutting in for a while now, we will have to give in eventually and close the curtains, a sad time really, an acceptance that winter is nearing.

I have always been one of the few who looks forward to winter. The short days meaning you can get finished and into the house at night, an opportunity to recharge the batteries, ready to face another busy year. Unfortunately this year I am not looking forward to the winter as I usually would, again I would be tempted to blame the weather, not enough sun on the back to charge the body up ready for the dark winter days.

Time flies by, it seems the clipping and hay has only just finished and I am drawing the conclusion that if we are not into autumn then we're very close. A new season and a beautiful one at that is heading our way.