Friday 1 January 2010

Hello 2010

A lie in this am - nothing to do with partying last night ........
It was mild, I could tell this by the temperature of my ears, maybe it had come fresh - no, snow showers again, but hey! it's a lot warmer than frost.

A fair bit of snow had dropped during the remainder of the night, when we returned last night our tracks weren't visible and again this morning - they were filled in. Everywhere had a gay wintry look about it, quite beautiful in its own right.

Whilst enjoying a leisurely breakfast a car went by, we watched it slip and slide out of sight knowing it then had to negotiate a steep drop down to the bridge in the bottom and an even sharper, twistier climb back out the other side - umm! The better half set off on the quad and sure enough the car had been unable to manage the climb out so it is parked up on the side of the road and a lift home was offered and accepted.

In the meantime a neighbour arrived in his tractor with daughter and son-in-law aboard as it was time for them to head back south ready for work next week, their car had been left at ours as we do get a gritter past due to being relatively close to the village and school, therefore the likelihood of us being blocked in is slight compared to others on the more remote roads. The news was that the tractor had struggled to grip on the last bit of the climb out - slightly unnerving!

Eventually a trip to hay the sheep further down the valley ensued, two bales for them today, the depth of snow on their bare field means they will be struggling to scratch through and find any grass to eat and hey! it's new year y'know!! This photo shows that the roads really weren't too good
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On returning home it was time to deliver the groceries further up the valley, no traffic other than tractors or quads had been on these roads and it was quite understandable why. The milk I delivered was duly offered in a cup of tea which was gratefully accepted before heading for home. The valley looks beautiful in it's white blanket
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As is the way in this area the first footing is continuing on today and tonight, however we are huddling in front of the fire, we've had enough excitement for now and are determined to shift our seasonal sniffles with the help of the cough bottle, we'll catch up with everyone eventually!


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