Sunday 10 January 2010

Lucky or what?

The forecast was threatening wind and the snow lying was powdery.....

So far through this spell of wintry weather we have been very fortunate in most of Tarset, for all there has been some heavy snowfall and a fair amount of lying snow we have had little or no wind and that is a god send.

Snow accompanied by wind causes drifting and the amount of snow lying would produce some awesome drifts - then everyone would have something to winge (complain) about. There has been some drifting in the higher more remote areas of the valley but in general life is bearable.

Away outbye the road has been filling in as quickly as the shepherd can plough it out, obviously he has his own plough for the tractor as there are no council services away out -bye. The picture below shows the gate next to a cattle grid is completely covered and the road once again is filling in with snow. Another neighbour has had similar problems resulting in the wife being blocked out for four days until council services could send a digger to clear the road, it does mebbes help to have your own tractor and plough for these occasions.
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The drift over this wall shows how dangerous it can be for sheep seeking shelter, they can so easily be happed (covered) up and lost from sight.
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As I said the forecast for today was threatening wind and yes it came, quite windy it was indeed but at the same time it came fresh (thawed). The result being we've had a warmer day than we've had for quite a while resulting in the snow that's lying becoming heavy due to it softening and that resulted in the wind being unable to lift it up with it's invisible strength and throw it around - great news!

Is this the start of the thaw or is there more trouble on the way? Now that only time will tell.

This weather has come early in the winter, it is to be expected in February but to commence in December is slightly unnerving. To date it has been bearable and relatively good stock weather. The hard frosts have prevented us from getting snow fall when the warmer coastal areas have been succumbing to the stuff. Will warmer air mean we're about to get a further dropping of snow? Will wind come with it? Or will there be a kind, gradual thaw? I don't know. I do know there is nothing you can do about the weather other than prepare for what ever it may bring.

So far we've had a 'good old fashioned winter', let's wait and see what else is in store for us.