Monday 22 March 2010

Busy life

Shep has been busy. The run up to lambing time sees many jobs to be done. I often wish I earned a pound for every sheep I handled!

The past few weeks have been filled with dosing for internal parasites. Pre lambing innoculating. Chiropady for any lame sheep whilst they're in the pens for the last time before they lamb. Horn burning of hoggs before they head back out onto the hill ground. Some sheep to ear tag to keep them up to date with government regualtions. Treating external parasites with pour on medicines. Moor burning. Stone walling. Feeding sheep. Battling with twin lamb disease and losing. Socialising......... Life has been hectic.

There is almost a feeling of panic setting in, time is ticking on. Shep will soon be leaving Tarset and heading for pastures new as lambing time nears. I head off into Scotland and get my Cheviot fix. A white faced breed of hill sheep the Cheviot has found a way into my heart. I look forward to heading off and lambing these Cheviots, unfortunately prior to heading off life always gets hectic, there is much to do, family to visit, provisions to buy and work to do, the days often seem too short with not enough hours in the day and not enough days in the week to get everything done before I head away. Once away it takes a couple of days to un wind and get into routine and then I have a ball. One job to concentrate on for the duration - chill time! (A little bit of poetic licence there I doubt, this is lambing time after all!!)


NQ said...

Hi there Shep

Enjoying your stories as always. Where abouts in Scotland do you come for lambing?

Tarset Shepherd said...

hi NQ, good to hear you're still out there. I head just over the Border into Roxburghshire, the edge of the Cheviots in actual fact. Beautiful countryside, proper hills (thankfully I have a quad)and feisty south country cheviots.