Sunday 7 March 2010

Skylarks and Peewits

Shep is so excited! Hey! - it doesn't take much y'know! The title may be a give away.......

Spring seems as though it is trying to arrive - exciting or what??

The end of February saw Shep gathering ground I had never gathered before, it was snowing like mad, poor visibility and I was struggling to find a safe route let alone any sheep
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Eventually dropping down off the tops there was no doubt about it that sheep were infront of me and hopefully were all gathered
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There had been a fair fall of snow once again and you couldn't help but question whether spring was ever likely to return to Tarset. However, two days later saw the beginnning of March. Sharp, frosty weather came in with the month. Hard mornings followed by bright sunny days. But more importantly the skylarks returned, their voices bringing cheer to my heart, peewits (lapwings) too, tumbling about the skies and pee-witting away merrily.
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Snow still visible, ground rock hard with frost, sunshine with heat in it, skylarks and peewits singing away. Spuggies (sparrows) and starlings mating up and nest building - there is hope. Here we are into March and the signs are returning, the days are lengthening, we are creeping out of winter and towards spring - SO EXCITING!