Friday 6 April 2012


Shep's away, over the border into Scotland for the annual lambing stint. A fortnight on the graveyard shift, those anti social hours between dusk and dawn, which will be followed by a months day lambing out on the hill.

Why Aargh? It's due to that annual problem of internet access. There is no doubt it will drive me around the bend if time would allow.

This is the third attempt at accessing the internet in the 6 days I have been away. I've even driven to a local border town called Jedburgh which advertises free Wifi, very useful if my computer would only connect to it!

The mobile phone dongle I am using is a dodgy character, painfully slow and totally unreliable, as is mobile 'phone coverage in this area. It is fair to say my patience is waning.

I left Tarset after we had experienced a heatwave, temperatures in the mid to high 20's for a complete week. Two days into the lambing here and blizzards were the order of the day - there's just nowt like the good old British weather! There's one thing for sure, we never get a chance to get bored with the same old routine! Shep was fortunate, lambing in a shed at night saw hiding under the duvet during the day, missing the worst of the weather, although assistance was given outdoors before retiring for the day.

I have written a number of postings which need to be copied and pasted, I'm not too sure this is possible, I'm very confident it won't be possible to download the photographs as well.

So for the time being I will sign off. Attempt to copy and paste the pre written posts before the second battery flattens on this computer and then I will head back to my digs and dive under the duvet.