Sunday 29 April 2012

An antisocial update

We're almost to the first Tuesday in May - my god! already! The last Tuesday in April was more than alright for Shep away over the border, apparently there were monsoon rains over home - poor souls! Not to worry, I was dry for once, and warm although it is hard to believe now, just under a week on.

 I have been invited out to supper tonight, with long standing friends who shepherd next door to where I am working. What a grand feed, lamb shank (that's why we work with the buggers - so's we can eat them!), pudding too which was delicious and then here am I being antisocial, sitting infront of their coal fire and blogging!

The dongling thing is a pain in the proverbial and basically I have given up, I dread to think what it might be costing me to get no where fast, in fact I can spend a great deal of my very valuable spare time getting no where slowly let alone fast, and so it is that I have commondered the computer here at my friends house and am frantically trying to get you all up to date on the crack.

 The lambing is getting through, shed in over the back with only 30 left to lamb at the 12 day stage, there are far more left over the front and I have yet to shed them in. There have been many trials and tribulations but a lot of fun (!!??) It is perishingly cold at the moment and Shep has got chilblains for company, probably thanks to the soaking on THAT Tuesday.

 There is much to report but not the time at the moment, or ought I say not the internet connection. I am going to have to pack in here tonight as the laughter is causing a great deal of lack of concentration, apparently my typing away sounds like a mouse scurrying around in the loft, also we have just worked out that I first worked for this particular shepherd 22 years ago and over the years clocked up at least a dozen lambings for him. He eventually moved into Scotland and hoped he'd got shot of me and then lo' and behold, I take the lambing job next door!!

 Enough of the anti socials, I've had a great supper, enjoyed human company for a change, have a fortnight left at the lambing, all is going well, there are many stories but no time to tell them, thanks to those who have sent goodie bags, bubble bath, letters, e-mails (when I get them) and of course texts. I'm having a ball, divvent worry about me.

 I'm gonna sign off and enjoy the crack as it'll soon be time to head 'home', we still all have to rise early in the mornings, tomorrow sees both my company tonight and myself reaching the 14th day of the lambing (17 day cycle), it is slowly getting through!