Saturday 10 April 2010

Glen, the sheepdog - an introduction

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Glen - a sheepdog, collie dog for that matter, probably even a border collie. He has no papers and no pedigree - a farm bred border collie, born in September 2000, bought by Shep as an 8 week old pup and been here ever since.

He is a dog dog, entire and full blooded but has never sired a litter, the few bitches he has lined by mistake have been given the morning after injection and of the two bitches he lined on purpose, one didn't breed and the other died. - It's a dog's life!

How did he get his name? Well as a little kid I spent a lot of my holidays on my Uncle's farm and he had a dog called Glen.I've had a few dogs over the years, all barr two from being pups, but never had one I thought suited being named after my Uncle's dog, until this fella came along.

When I went to look at the litter there were nine pups, some hid in corners, some came and climbed all over me, this one sat in the middle of the rabble, like a real old fashioned character and just looked. He wasn't shy or over excited just looked like he'd been here before. I chose him.

When the better half and myself collected the pup he sat on my knee in the passenger seat on the way home. Pups usually dribble and get sicky when in a car, not him, he sat there and watched the world go by with great interest. On arriving home he took to his life as though there were nothing untoward. Eventually I had found a Glen, like the dog I so loved in my childhood; the quiet, unassuming, faithful sheepdog my Uncle had had. And so Glen was christened.

He really is an old fashioned character, quiet, unassuming, well mannered,steady and a good worker, a genuine dog with not an ounce of bad in him. You should never trust a dog but this one I would trust 99.99%, he was even borrowed by the children from the farm I live on to be taken to school on pets day coz they thought he was nicer than their dog!! He did however relieve his bladder on the teachers leg........

Totally without fault? No, not at all, that would be asking far too much! He has an insatiable appetite for anything. He can find a dead 'something' from miles away, loves fox and badger shit which he can scent from hundreds of yards, will eat sheep feed, hen corn, sheep muck, foot parings......... anything which is left lying and he deems is there for his taking, except tomatoes!! Having said that though he will not thieve, shopping can be in the car and he wont touch it, food can be on the kitchen bench and he'll leave it, he does have some manners.

A dog that has had a chequered life, which I will fill you in on shortly. Watch this space.....