Thursday 15 April 2010

Moss, the sheepdog - an introduction.

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Moss, commoner garden farm bred border collie sheep dog. Moss was a January 2006 pup,from my own blood lines. The shepherd out-bye very kindly let me line his good hill bitch with Mosses father - Tyne. This has enabled me to keep a hold of the blood line which I have had since I first went self employed, Moss is now the third generation.
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Choosing the pup was easy, a litter of three and only one dog pup, the shepherd wanted a bitch so the dog was mine for the taking. I was also very lucky as Mosses mother was black white and tan, for some reason I've never been keen on tan on a dog and do like a black dog, mother nature must have been looking down on me! Believe you me I would still have taken the pup if it had had tan on it, it is not easy keeping the blood line going and beggars can't be choosers!

How did he get his name? Well, unlike Glen this little fella was called pup for quite a while. I just couldn't think of a name that suited him. You need a short name, preferably one syllable, one which doesn't catch the back of the throat when you shout it. The pups father was called Tyne (after the North Tyne where I live), his mother was called Grip and I just couldn't find a name I liked which had a link with either parents. There is a Northumbrian song which mentions the mossy banks of the Tyne and it is from here the pup eventually got his name - Moss.

Moss is a totally different dog to Glen and unfortunately not one that can be trusted. At the age of six months he bit my landlord......... not the wisest of moves! To this day I cannot trust the dog and never will be able to. He has nipped since but not for a long time now and is fine with anyone who shows no fear. I'd like to think he would be no bother but believe you me it isn't wise to assume such a thing. Fortunately he has proven to be a very good hill dog - a sound worker, otherwise he would have been down the road.

There's more on Mosses life to follow, watch this space.......