Sunday 27 November 2011

Autumn rise?

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What's that?

A tick, taken off old Glen on 26th November, one was taken off a sheep just a day or two previously. There is often a fresh rise of ticks in the back end but I'm not too sure about finding them at the end of November. The mild weather is the reason of course, yet another pointer to just how unseasonal the weather has been.

I took the tick off the dog and laid it on the palm of my hand whilst trying to photograph the beast. I soon gave up as it was trying very hard to bury it's mouth parts into my hand, I could actually feel it trying to do just that - ugh! It found itself deposited on the back of an envelope before being cremated on the fire - yup! cruelty to living animals, dare say I could be locked up for that.


Dafad said...

Hulloo Shep ...
Tics? I've had a few of them on my legs in the past. Since living here, not one, sheep or deer. No local wild deer around our part of the mountain.
One advantage of being a rollie smoker, you can burn the blood drinking boozers off!
By the way, apologies, didn't at first recognise your "anonymouse" query re; Welsh breed last night.
Shame that gentle Cheviot face doesn't appear with your comments.
Had had another question in Flickr about Ffin. He's from local working stock, but I've trained him not to pay any attention to sheep.
Sunny & bright here today after a gale-grumpy night.
Only three days till December!

Tarset Shepherd said...

You're right Dafad, I need the cheviot head logo. When I have time and those who do the Tarset website have time maybe it'll get sorted, till then........

No deer? That seems unusual. Mebbes the forestry round here encourages the roes. Ticks are rife round about,some ground doesn't carry them tho' which always seems strange. cig end does work a treat, Mam told me to put whisky on them but that seems an awful waste!

I hold my hand up to the query about Ffin, unusual markings, the tan almost looks pink.

Cold War said...
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