Friday 25 November 2011

The Cairn

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I mentioned this cairn in the last posting, I promised there was more to come.....

Cairns are dotted all over our hill grounds, built by shepherds years and years ago, probably when they were out there hefting sheep onto the ground, with others added over the years, many depict boundaries between cuts of sheep or even between neighbouring hill ground, they are like finger posts, directing you on your way.

Cairns come in various shapes and sizes, some extremely proffesionally built, others appearing to be nothing other than a pile of stones, they are all individuals in their own right.

The day I paused at this particular cairn I looked a bit closer than I normally would. The beast was alive - quite literally.
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Could this be mistaken for one of those aerial satellite shots? A world all of it's own. Patterns which could set the imagination running.
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I wont pretend to be knowleadgeable about lichens and such likes but they really are quite amazing.
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And colourful with it.
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Nature at her best, especially when in need of losing yourself into another world.

Rattling around on the bike my body had stiffened, backside was probably tenderised like a good steak, banging about for hours on the seat of the bike. Knees had been used to take the brunt of the biggest bumps, saving jarring the back. All in all I needed a stretch and due to this the cairn found itself being scrutinised in a way it had probably never been studied before. I could almost feel her blushes.
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I even peered into her inner being and saw something very familiar to myself, no doubt blown in with the wind, maybe a sheep had used the cairn as a scratching post sometime, the stories this cairn could tell if only it could speak.
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Closer inspection showed that the mist/fog had managed to weedle it's way into the very centre of the cairn, leaving it's jewels hanging on the strands of wool.
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There was even life at the base of the cairn, a bilberry trying desperately to survive in the shelter of the bottom stones, I wonder how long it has been growing there, will it ever fruit? So much to ponder upon from a humble 'pile' of stones. I'm not employed to lose myself in another world studying the what fors and whys of things I come across. My stretch had revived me, my mind was focusing on getting on and getting done, the body was moving naturally again and it was time to leave, much to do, weather permitting. I will leave you with one last shot of life upon the cairn, if only we could all find the time to stand back, take five and look, explore and admire.
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Dafad said...

Yo Shep,
Cracking lichen phots. If you really want to know, I can ask a botanist, who knows a botanist who specialises in lichens & who recently gave latin names to two species in one of my phot's on Flickr steam, as well as details re acidity etc etc.
Strange bloomin world!
Seems you've had some really shit weather recently. Best ye get th'sen wrapped oop warm lass.
In my lamb days I spent a lot of time in Yorkshire. Another story.
Take care.
P.S. Dad loves you blog & checks it daily.

Tarset Shepherd said...

Would be good to know what they are Dafad but then I'd probably just forget - must be an age thing!

Hatches are battoned down tonight, our little house may just succumb under this wind and rain - who knows? Milder today tho', jumper discarded again!

love the yorkshire twist, not what you'd expect from a welshman! :)

Thank your Dad for boosting my viewing stats, apologise to him that I just can't manage a post a day, Have to say am following your blog so do usually read that every day. Loved the gate, could almost hear the orchestra.
keep up the good work.

davidmocond said...
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