Thursday, 10 November 2011

Red sky at night, Shepherd's delight.

The sky tonight was absolutely beautiful and I just felt I had to share it with you all. Taken at 4.15pm, by 4.30pm it was nothing more than a memory.
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It definitely delighted one shepherd!


Dafad said...

Hi Shep,
A deeper coloured sunset than we had here, ours seemed to drag the mist back down with it.
Great autumnal phots, but you've beaten us with a first frost, yeouch!
Like you, lots of stuff in bloom that oughtn't to be, all in all a weird year. I too have seen new growth on trees that have been turning autumnal and just today, yarrow,ragwort, buttercups and clovers in fresh flower.
Hope Mother in law much improved, she seems quite a solid soul.
Meanwhile, thank you for a wonderful blog.

Tarset Shepherd said...

Yo! Dafad, just read your posting and see what you mean about the 'smothering' of the sunset - shame. Did wish I'd got the camera quicker with ours coz it altered so quickly and disappeared equally as fast.

Don't know whether you'll read this or not but I have been trying to post comments on your blog unsucessfully, am having one or two problems with such things at the mo'. (bloody computers!) but blogger help did suggest pop up comments pages like this one would work better. Don't know how you set one of them up as someone else sorted this blog for me but might be worth a try if you can.

Amazing that you too are experiencing unseasonal happenings, I too saw buttercups the other day and a daisy! Mebbes it'll be a mild winter.

Thank you for your comments and I do enjoy your blog, hopefully you'll have one or two more followers now. Mother in law doing okay, might be a while before she comes back to do some hoovering tho'!

Dafad said...

Have firkled about & struggled in the frustrating & confusing, behind the scenes section of "settings" I have, I hope, enabled those with Google Accounts to post comments on Dafad's blethering blog!
All the jargon involved is like a new language that only computer whiz-bods understand and some of it makes one wonder what the ageing ludite is letting themselves in for? All this new technology is confuseling me!
That said Shep,see if you can now post a comment.
Failing that you can more easily, email me at, uk. Which is probably more human friendly.

Tarset Shepherd said...

Dafad,your confuddlings are no worse than mine and to date I am still failing to comment......... I think myself and computer need some assistance somewhere along the lines, am sure there must be some sort of 'block' at this end - highly likely it is of the mental type! Give me time to try and sort, failing which the e-mail route will be attempted. Love the tree by the way but am nervous of 'tree huggers' ! Keep up the good work. Shep

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