Thursday 3 November 2011

An Update - Sept and Oct

The last update was for August. What happened to September and October? Where did they go?

Off the top of my head I am struggling to recall what on earth went on over the past two months, it almost feels like I missed them but that can't be the case as I have been very busy. Many sheep have been gathered, keeled, dosed, tailed, tagged etc. Sale sheep have been dressed, drawn and sold. I've even attended one or two marts so the questionable months must have existed.... I probably just didn't really have time to appreciate them.

Won't be long now until tups are set out and the whole cycle starts again - blimey! It seems like lambing time was just yesterday!

The clocks have changed, a strange phenomena, suddenly getting up an hour later and yet the clock doesn't say it's an hour later, adjustments needed by all of us and the stock too. Personally I love it when the clocks change, it's recharging time, getting finished at night and settling down infront of the fire - relaxing, recharging, preparing for the nights drawing out again and the work which will ensue.

October went out mild and November has come in on the same vein, there is a fly driving me potty in the house tonight, it ought to be snuggled up somewhere for the winter but it has decided to buzz around in a lonely fashion, hopefully the supply of cobwebs in the house will be it's downfall and supper for some hungry spider will be the outcome.

Shep is frustrated. Grrrr..... Computers! they really can be a pain at times! There is much to share with you, photos of autumn amongst other photos to post and write about but Grrrr..... the computer is not co-operating. Give me sheep any day! If 'cuddles' should read this beware... there may well be a 'phone call some day requesting help with computery things! In the world I live in cookies belong in the biscuit tin, worms live in the soil (or sheeps bellies) and spam comes out of a tin - there are some things a girl just doesn't understand!

I was on a high today, a cheviot fix! Woo hoo!! Grand day, good weather, beautiful scenery and cheviot sheep - a far greater pleasure than computery things that's for sure. A visit to friends on the journey home rounded the day off nicely with a beautiful moon shining through the odd cloud - good company on the way home.

I want to share with you all a blog that has been drawn to my attention, it amuses me, I also love the fact that there is someone else out there who appreciates the finer things in life, the things which are free, you just need to open your eyes and mind to appreciate them. See for yourselves Hope you appreciate this site as much as I do.


Dafad said...

Hi Shep,
thank you for your kind comments.
Am glad you're enjoying Dafad's
daily distractions. It's really pure escapism from larger world wide issues.
Dad enjoys your blog too,
good down to earth sense of humour,
much needed to brighten up these darker days.
And yes computers are a pain, they seem to have a mind of their own
as I am discovering as I struggle with these technological advances.

By the way, The Tiger has either been adopted or is off on another adventure, because he has gone from the fence I last saw him leaning against!
Best aye.

Tarset Shepherd said...

I love your daily distractions - we all need some form of escapism from the 'real' world.

Will keep my eyes peeled for tigger just incase he thumbed a lift up north - who knows? Strange things happen....

John Hardy said...

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