Friday 3 December 2010

Snow - again! This time on a Monday!! (29/11/10)

Monday morning dawned to even more bloody snow! Will it ever stop??

Not a cat in hells chance of getting back into the Rede today, doubt the farmer will just have to muddle along on his own, after all his sheep are all gathered in, held into fields around the steading, fairly easily accessible, plus a bike with tracks on to enable travel through the snow. Hopefully all will be well without Sheps assistance.
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Shep trotted off to look at a neighbours sheep, all balled up with snow and legless with it! I needed cheering up and there is something about these little favourites of mine which somehow manage to do the job, these little feisty blighters with their bright eyes really are a pleasure to view even in the snow. Cheviots of course - what else??
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Tarset has a very white look about it, again with a fore boding sky, heavy showers all day. Yes! that's correct, more of that bloody snow.........
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There is no doubt about it,it can indeed look very beautiful. I do keep trying to remind myself of this fact. In actual fact it is quite magical stuff, it falls so silently and leaves everything looking all white and crisp and even. Huh!! Am actually just getting a tad pissed off with the stuff to be honest with you. Pretty or not, it's time it stopped. It seems like only a month or two since last winter and here we are again! Huh!