Thursday 2 December 2010

A snowier Saturday (27/11/10)

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Yet more of the same, just getting more difficult that's all. Further snowfall overnight meant I failed to travel to this farm over in the next valley. I did try but negotiating the first steep incline saw me getting to the top by the skin of my teeth, I had higher and less travelled roads to negotiate and knew it would be an impossible fete. A four wheel drive pick up was sent out to fetch me and believe you me there was absolutely no way my car would have made the journey, t'was dodgy enough in the pick up.
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Sheep were merrily trotting away in front of me, following quad bike tracks which had been laid out specially to direct the sheep. Sheep will not willing wander through deep snow, it is far too difficult for them and results in them becoming exhausted. A track is a necessity.

The sky in the above photo is looking ominous, and sure enough it did not disappoint.
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Conditions worsened but the sheep were pushed on
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The day was getting on, daylight was becoming a premium and no time was to be lost
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Finally all the sheep were gathered, into fields closer to home ready to be dealt with in the morning
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The day had come to an end. Temperatures dip rapidly once we get into the afternoon and a frost was kicking in. The snow level however has been rising rapidly, further East than Tarset this farm has been catching the snow before us and is getting close to reaching the two foot level, the forecast isn't too promising, there almost seems to be a hype about snow with more forecast to fall, I've tried looking on different channels but they all say the same! Tomorrow is another day dawning, we'll wait and see what dawns.


jan shepherdess said...

An excellent blog - wonderfully written and the photos capture the very essence of the situation. Almost a carbon copy of conditions up here in Perthshire.


Tarset Shepherd said...

Thank you for your kind words Jan, sorry to hear you're suffering similar conditions although it is very widespread. Take care and keep warm.