Wednesday 28 December 2011

Boxing Day 2011

The weather on Christmas day was mild and wild. Boxing day was also mild and wild but have to say I can't really remember what the weather was like!

Okay, that's a lie, it was in fact very windy, so windy that I imagined the rounders match would see the ball being blown off course and never managing to reach the bat. There was no need to worry on that front though, all was well, bat and ball connected on many occasions and a great deal of hilarity and competitiveness filled in the afternoon.

After the victorious team had finished their celebrations it was announced that an 'Easter egg' hunt had been laid, I think Christmas sweetie hunt may be more apt, the shops will undoubtedly be selling Easter eggs within the week as it is without encouraging it to come around any quicker. We all duly went off to hunt for hidden sweeties.
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Never fails to amaze me what we see if we open our eyes and look.
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The fungi were quite small but I couldn't help go off at a tangent
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amazing what else can be found clinging to a tree
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however, I found the fungi more fascinating, probably due to the fact that the 'BBQ' prior to the rounders match saw my belly stuffed to the hilt.
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The closer I tried to get to the fungi the more of those peculiar tree inhabitants I found.
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Amazing that this fungi seemed so new and fresh in what is meant to be the deep mid winter, just five days on from the shortest day of the year, hopefully those who were intent on their sweetie hunt didn't notice my peculiar behaviour - I probably just appeared over enthusiastic, climbing trees hunting for what ever may be there
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Fortunately this final shot was on a fallen tree, far easier to access.


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