Friday 23 December 2011

Fragile World

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The view on Monday morning, the frost was still holding on although the forecast was promising a milder spell.
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The waters edge had taken on a magical quality.
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Water transformed to a 'rock solid' state.
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Three days later and the world was taking on a different look - a more fragile appearance.
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The burn had widened, it's life was changing, tempered by nature.
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A tiny patch of snow, but was it? It had been transformed to ice and now it was changing again, disappearing, fragile in it's very existence.

And so is life, a fragile world, nothing remains constant, forever changing, forever altering.

The spiders in our little cottage are finding themselves homeless, thanks to pre santa busyings. Some are even finding themselves no longer part of this world, nests of eggs are found and disposed of with ner so much of a backward glance. A fragile existence. Lives are turned upside down, whether of the arachnid variety or the human, flora or fauna, ovine or bovine, nothing is ever constant.

As said, a fragile world in many respects, but a special place at that, one to savor and appreciate. A need to live life to the full as who knows whether we'll be the homeless spider, the none existant ice, or the life that never hatched.


Dafad said...

WOW !!!
What stunning photo's Shep.
Hopefully you will all have a milder day tomorrow with enough snow to feel Chris Moosey. Am hoping to be fit enuff to drive across to Dads 2m and join him for the best end of the day. A lovely meal with fine wine and then spend some quality time with him.
Will try and keep up Dafads daftness from there. Have a great day all and hope M in law much improved. Blessings all Tarset folk!

Tarset Shepherd said...

Seasons Greetings to Dafad and Co., Hope you had a safe Christmas journey and am enjoying doing sociable family and friends things. Mother in law doing nicely - thank you for the thought. Tarset and environs are socialising like it's going out of fashion, much Christmas cheer which is being sent down to you lot in Wales. Have a good one.