Sunday 25 December 2011

Candid Camera?

Let's go back shall we? To an evening in August....

Shep trotted off up the road one evening in August to try and find some grasses with reddish seed heads so I could photograph them for the posting I wrote regarding pink wool. Now normally when I trot off down the road, that is what I do, head down the road, my quest this particular evening took me on a slightly different route and I headed up the road for a change. There's nowt like a change y'know, they do say variety is the spice of life after all!
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Dare say this picture looks pretty innocuous, but look closely. Just in off the bottom left hand corner of the picture there is something on the grass verge.
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I drew closer and was greeted with this sight.

Now there is often cause for high jinks in Tarset, it doesn't always pay to take things at face value and I was feeling a wee bit jittery.

I've got nowt against frogs, don't get me wrong.

Strange tho', don't you think, that there is a bowl full of water with a frog lounging about in it right on the road side........ is that usual behaviour in the countryside?
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I did kinda wander nonchalantly past, beady eyes looking left and right. Was this going to be one of those candid camera moments? Was someone waiting to jump out and exclaim "Gotcha!" just as I bent over to have a bit closer perusal of the situation....... Now then! None one is going to catch me out that easily.

I resumed my wanderings, managing only just to fulfill my quest and find a wee few coloured grasses. As I wandered back past the object I noticed nothing had changed, no one had jumped out, no whirring of cameras, just nothing, a quiet road,little ol' me and a frog in a bowl full of water........... Umm!

I trotted home, asked if the children from the farm were into collecting frogs, making little ponds for frogs or in fact up to anything to do with frogs...... I do believe the farmer thought I had lost my marbles. Upon enquiring why I was so interested I tried to reply in a non commital fashion that I was just curious, as if enquiring about frogs was an every day occurence!

I grabbed the other half and my camera, he was bemused at my jitterings about a frog in a bowl full of water, I was actually beginning to think I was indeed having one of those moments, my marbles were scrambled and my imagination was running hay wire.

We don't have major problems with rubbish in our area. There is rubbish discarded from cars unfortunately but not usually bowls full of water, and right on the edge of the road at that - just all a bit odd really.......

Other half and I trotted back up the road. I guess I've probably played too many pranks in the past on other people and was expecting some sort of pay back, better we were both caught looking sheepish than just myself left with a red face - there's nowt like sharing y'know!

on nearing the spot it soon became apparent that indeed it had not been my imagination, there was indeed a bowl full of water with a frog in it. We both stood and scratched our heads. Was it stuck in there? slippery sides may be preventing it from making an exit. Could it drown? or would a flood wash it out of it's makeshift home?

Regardless, I saw the opportunity for some photos and commenced encouraging little froggy to do some posing for the camera.

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Little chap didn't seem too perturbed at the idea, born to posing he was, or so it seemed.
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Just as I was pondering whether I ought to place some stones into the bowl to give him an opportunity to climb out, or maybe I ought to lift him out and set him free, the little chap gave a great leap and departed his watery little bowl and bounded off in a froggy fashion.

I'm sure I heard him croaking "bloody paparazzi - found my own private pool and I just get hounded! There's no peace in this world"


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